Practice Areas

At Honeycutt Everett and Associates, we serve victims of abuse, sexual assault, and harassment in a variety of legal proceedings. If you don’t see your specific legal problem listed below, we may be able to refer your case to other attorneys or agencies who can help.

1 Domestic Violence

In North Carolina, if you are in a personal relationship with your abuser and are the victim of domestic violence, you may qualify for a domestic violence protective order.

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2 Campus Sexual Assault

Under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, a college or university receiving federal funding must investigate claims of rape and sexual assault made against students and staff, and must take disciplinary action against a responsible person. At Honeycutt Everett and Associates, we represent victims of campus sexual assault or harassment throughout all phases of the campus disciplinary process.

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3 Other Services

At Honeycutt Everett and Associates, we understand that for many people, particularly victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, it is not possible to afford traditional, full-scale legal representation. That’s why we offer brief and “unbundled” legal services on a pro bono basis.

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