What Should I Wear To Court?

 Please note that this article contains information only and does not in any way constitute legal advice.  To find out more about how to apply for services, please visit the contact us section of the website 

My clients never ask me what they should wear to court.  Perhaps it’s self-evident to many clients, perhaps there is too much to worry about besides clothing and it’s not on their radar. But I usually offer some guidelines, especially if certain judges are on the bench for that client’s day in court.

Why does it matter? 

Some of our judges will send parties out of the courtroom if they feel a person’s clothing is not appropriate or is offensive. Being told to go outside and change when your case is called can be stressful and embarrassing, especially when it happens in front of your abuser. 

I offer the following information based on years of experience in the Durham County Courthouse.  Please note that I am not recommending that anyone go out and buy new clothes for court; rather, that you simply select your clothing with the following notes in mind.


While I certainly believe that you should be comfortably and dress in a way that allows for self-expression, court is a formal place, and dressing with care shows respect for the judge and the process. 

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